Ebb & Flow

 It's been a challenging transition from the crazy pop star tour life to being a full time mommy maintaining a career. My sense of purpose and priorities have changed immensely. Major learning curves on this journey, which I must admit, wasn't comfortable at times. I'm learning it will always be something and the minute you think you have it down, I promise it'll switch up on you! Just like in motherhood, the game is ever-changing so we must go with the flow. Which leads me to where we are now... the age of TECHNOLOGY & SOCIAL MEDIA!! To think 10 years ago we were so NOT where we are today. Practically everyone has a Facebook account but if you want to be relevant, you better have an online presence! You don't exist if you're not on the internet!!  With all I do in a day from working, to being a mommy and making sure I handle my business, there isn't much time left to blog, tweet, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Am I missing any new forum??? It also seems like every conversation always lands on the whole social media topic!  Seriously, it's time to get with the program!!!  Whether it's your business or you personally, get it online! Voila, DOLL2DAME was birthed for me! From being a Pussycat Doll for 13 years to my personal evolution and motherhood, I am more then ever ready to share my experiences, discoveries and hear other empowering stories! It's a new day and we are all on this ride together. There is no way around it and nobody can do it for you. So get to it! The time is now. Everyone and everything is going through a transition, so rebranding is more important than ever. Hey, I support you 100%!! I know you can do it. Go with the force;)

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