Where Are We Going??!!

We workaholics, busyaholics and rushaholics feel much more familiar with times when we hardly have a moment to breathe. We know how to function under pressure with crazy deadlines. Somehow, these are the times we shine! However, it's the times in-between and after a project is completed that can be scary. Not only because we equate working = money = survival, but more importantly it leaves us with the ultimate question. What is our purpose if we aren't given one? It isn't often that we have to deal with the question because we arrange our lives in such a way that we rarely have a breather. We tend to feel like we are on the right path when we have a job with a goal to achieve. Unfortunately, people define themselves by their work and most of the time it has nothing to do with who they really are. Now I know that's a deep question and it can be confronting but at some point we have to look deeper. For me, its been a life long quest. Now, as I have had amazing experiences and a baby (which really puts things in perspective) I just don't have time or energy for things I don't feel a connection with. A lot of us have the savior complex too but we CAN'T fix everything!!! We need breathers! Our bodies need to rest from the constant adrenaline push. Obviously, exercise is crucial but for me it's rarely a priority. There are always a ton of things I "have" to do let alone "want" to do. These days, I really look forward to the peace and calm. It's in the silence that self discovery and revelations happen for me. How about if we did this collectively? Consciously. We can all get healthier together and welcome these moments of wisdom to be our own spiritual teacher. Baby steps style;)

Kevin WhitakerComment