Mommy's a Mess!

You know you're having serious mommy brain when you leave the gas pump in your car and drive off!!! All I saw was the handle flying in the air and gas being splashed everywhere. All the attendants ran out and were quick to make sure I was going to pay for my mistake! UGH. 

This whole forgetfulness started when I got preggars! I remember asking myself, “Is there really such as thing as mommy brain?” It’s become the 'norm' to forget things. It could be something as simple as forgetting names or as serious as driving off with the gas pump attached to my car!! I blame my daughter. No just kidding;) Everyone knows moms have so much on their minds that we literally space on things. However, after the gas pump incident, I was kinda freaked. I mean how could I forget that I physically didn't take the pump out and just... DRIVE!? It was only seconds before and in a sequence of events??  

Mommy brain is real, so I had to do some research of my own. Surprisingly, I found this article news.discovery.comwhich helps shed some light on this dilemma. According to the article, women often feel that their brains turn to mush during and after pregnancy. It also points out that there have been claims that brain shrinkage is common in new moms. However, in a study published in the journal Behavioral Neuroscience, brain scans in 19 mothers later revealed brain cell growth. Woah! Shocking right? I'll take it! ;)

Well the studies may say otherwise, but my recent experience leads me to believe that either I suffer from mommy brain, or I’m just going crazy.