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This year has literally been flying by! So much has happened and it doesn't appear to be slowing down. I know I asked for this much flow in 2015 so I won't complain!!! It started with a great clearing out of clutter and excess STUFF that we all constantly accumulate. The worst being paperwork & bills, things we are "supposed to" file. That's the bane of our stressful lives, at least mine! Imagine what our life would be like without all that responsibility?? FUN!!! We could just play and focus on things that make us happy! Well, In January I also realized I needed a detox to go along with the clearing. Feng Shui says any kind of clutter can block good energy from coming your way so... I dove into a 21 day detox, with my girl of course for support! First week was no meat & dairy, week 2 was all raw food and week 3 was juicing. Let's just say, I wasn't perfect but who is;) All I know is that I lost 8 lbs and felt awesome!! It was the kickstart to cleaner eating. I've always felt that I eat healthy with an occasional treat here and there. Look, I believe in moderation not deprivation! However, now with all the information readily available on the internet about the food we eat, it always surprises me when I see people with expensive handbags, sunglasses, shoes, clothing, etc at the grocery store buying the cheapest possible groceries because organic/humane/sustainable foods are "just too expensive." It just depends on priorities. Anything packaged usually has a ton of ingredients that aren't good for you, don't need and probably can't pronounce! Highly processed, mass produced food is meant to be cheap. You can stretch your food with rice, beans, and inexpensive staples. It can be done. It's crazy how much food is wasted because it's a commodity instead of being honored as the treasured and sacred gift that it is. If nothing else, it's really your own temple that you're disrespecting & longevity that you're harming. Here is a fantastic reference guide and inspiration to be creatively healthy!!! Start your transformation from the inside out with the food you eat. I promise you'll feel amazing and clear out any blockages for a better you!!!! 2015 baby!!!

24 Must-See Diagrams That Will Make Eating Healthy Super Easy

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