Getting All Dolled Up

Getting all Dolled up


Event; Iron Man 3 Premier

Where; Odeon Leicester Square, London, England

Hair; Danny and Joe at Daniel Mikhael salon

Makeup; Shauna Walsh for Armani 

Stylist; Anna Marie Trzebinski

Dress; Falguni & Shane Peacock

Shoes; Golden python boots by Fury.

Handbag; Alexander McQueen handbag compliments of Hofit 

Jewelry; Jane Bowler



London is the town that never sleeps for me…. I land and hit the ground running! 

It’s always so fabulous and I love it!  From galas, charity events, premiers and photo shoots, to dinners, nightlife and the charm of the city. A girl needs to look her best!


Wednesday April 17th was the Iron Man 3 premier and the excitement was buzzing!! My dates for the night were Brian Friedman, his partner Danny and Hofit Golan. 


Earlier in the week, I worked with the sweet stylist Anna Marie for the Face On shoot! She gave me her card and said if I needed a stylist for any upcoming events to contact her. So I did, only it was the night before the premier! The day of, in usual London fashion, it started raining in the morning and Anna was running around town to get some pieces. Hofit had introduced me to the insane Falguni & Shane Peacock dresses years back and the one I wore did not disappoint!! Anna brought kick ass golden python boots by Fury which I died for. Normally I wouldn’t have put the dress with those shoes but I loved the contrast for this event! Topped with an eclectic necklace by Jane Bowler and the look was complete. 


My first stop of the day was the spa of course;)

Possibly the best spa in the world! Seriously. The Corinthia. Where they have Cleopatra marble beds to warm and relax your muscles. Rejuvenation!! Then you can get on with the preparation of hair and makeup of course!




Originally the premiere was scheduled for Wednesday but Iron Man knew to clear the way for the Iron Lady. Since Margaret Thatcher's funeral was the same day, it was pushed to the next day! That, in turn, threw our scheduling off for our glam squad. Luckily, the wonderful Shauna Walsh at Selfridges saved the day and dolled us up with Armani makeup. I loved the Eyes To Kill palette she used in copper brown. Next stop was Daniel Mikhael salon, where Danny and Joe styled our hair. Hofit went for a traditional do and I wanted a super hero Barbarella coif! It was the Iron Man 3 premier after all! Danny & I had worked together back in the day with the Pussycat Dolls and he did an amazing job again! We had fun gabbing until the car came. Of course we were running late!! Aaaaaarrrggghhh….


Audi was the sponsor car for the film, so their stunning luxury hybrid A7 picked us up and drove right into Leicester Square and the huge red carpet! Wouldn’t you know, the car in front of us had my former band mate Kimberly Wyatt and her sweetie Max! 

I hadn’t seen her in 3 years so it was such a good surprise. Mind you it was all caught on the red carpet… (see pics) I remember the wind blowing soooo hard and cold! When we got into the theatre, they handed us popcorn and the cool Stark 3D glasses (which I still have) It felt like a cozy movie night party in someone’s big living room! The movie was fantastic…. We screamed and I definitely started the applause when Gwyneth Paltrow kicked some butt at the end. Girl power!! (My secret desire to be a Bond girl) All in all, it was a great night filled with entertainment and glamour. But it all starts behind the scenes with a fabulous team of creatives!! Thank you to all the brilliant artists out there that make celebs look their best!! We couldn’t do it without you… 

Positive Groove

Get into a Positive Groove!!

With all the day to day responsibilities, where do YOU fit in?? Have your goals gotten a little lost in the mix? Well it’s time to get back to you because you owe it to yourself! The hustle and bustle can leave us all with little time to honor and prioritize what’s really important to ourselves. We make good on promises to other people but it’s just as important to keep promises to ourselves! These are the things that make us ultimately feel good inside and out. So, let’s be smart and break bad habits for good, one at a time! Stop skipping the gym, eating that cupcake and drunk texting your ex!!!

Habits are hardwired so willpower won’t get you far. The trick is to replace a bad one with a better one. Here is how good or bad habits work:
It begins with a craving, cue of some sort, or time of day that triggers autopilot to indulge. Say, for instance, you light up on your break. Then it is followed by a reward, like a feeling of relaxation. This is the emotional payoff that your brain decides whether or not it becomes a habit. It’s the reward that satisfies the craving. But if it’s relaxation you crave why not take a luxurious bath? Plan it after work, that way you’ll look forward to the payoff. Habits are actually a way of simplifying our lives, saving a little stress and conserving our decision making for more important details. But falling for the wrong guy over and over is hardly a worthwhile habit. By replacing one single pattern, you CAN change the rest of your life!! See where this is going?

Tell me, why is it so hard to stick to our intentions?? The good stuff is on our ‘to- do’ list lol I’ll tell you a secret... Small changes lead to big impact! Like if you exchange smoking or snacking for a walk, it derails the process that leads you farther down the path of destruction. Even a brisk walk will naturally lend itself to a sort of meditation and organization in your head that will give you clarity and feel refreshed. Which can lead to making better choices about what foods you choose to put in your temple, etc. After all, your body is the only one you have and only YOU can breakthrough!

Start small and give yourself specific goals. Baby steps are the way to go when dealing with life altering changes! Don’t be too hard on yourself. Try to do it daily, as you want it to become a new repetition. Most importantly, be accountable. I’ve found the best way to do that is by telling a friend what you are up to. Then they can support you in your quest. They may even join you! For me, that was sticking to my yoga class. My dear friend Brian Freidman has kept me on point with that;) Nobody is perfect, so expect to run into walls that try to stop you. If you’re not up to something good, you probably won’t have that problem. Just sayin. Remember to acknowledge yourself for practicing good habits and savor the feeling!

No bad habits? Mmmmmhmmmmm....ok
Sometimes a choice makes all the difference. Here are some little changes to a healthier you.

Eat healthy!

* If you gotta have chocolate, choose dark over milk. It has more antioxidants.
* Frozen veggies can be just as nutritious as fresh because they’re packaged at their peak time.

Exercise more

* Use the stairs instead of the elevator, whenever you can. Or if riding the train or bus, get off a few stops earlier to walk the rest of the way.
* After a workout, opt for water to quench your thirst. Sometimes a sports drink can have more calories than you just burned.

Stress less

* Wake up 15 minutes earlier. You’re less likely to have a morning mishap if you have time to spare.
* When pressure mounts, take fully deep breaths not short ones. This will help calm you down.

Lose weight

* Move your workout outdoors in cooler weather. When it’s below 50 degrees F, you burn more calories!
* FYI, if you’re waist is more than 35 inches, there is a higher risk of heart disease.

Sleep better & boost your energy

* Go to bed 15 minutes earlier. That’s an extra 7 1⁄2 hours of sleep a month! More time for your body to repair and restore itself.
* Instead of a coffee break, take a stretching break. You’ll be surprisingly energized!

Fight germs

* Sneeze or cough into your arm or elbow, not your hand. You’ll spread fewer germs.
* Don’t pressure your doctor to give you antibiotics. They attack bacteria, not viruses. Build your own natural defenses

Stop pain

* Try a cup of coffee next time you get a tension headache. Caffeine constricts blood vessels, preventing them from pressing on nerve endings. * Drink peppermint tea for an upset stomach. The herb naturally relaxes intestinal muscles.

So after my daughter Keala Rose was born in September 2011, I wondered how long it would take me to get back to myself. All my girlfriends who had kids said roughly a year. A year!? Well it’s been 7 months and I’m just starting to feel in my body again. It took nine months to get that way so I had to be patient with myself, understandably. Now I am regularly doing yoga, pilates and dancing of course. But just walking my baby girl and two dogs around the block can be the most rewarding feeling because we all get the payoff!

Your turn! I challenge you to take the biggies on. Question is, why? What is at stake? Hmmm, YOU! Don’t you want to feel alive?! No time like the present;)