Getting All Dolled Up

Getting all Dolled up


Event; Iron Man 3 Premier

Where; Odeon Leicester Square, London, England

Hair; Danny and Joe at Daniel Mikhael salon

Makeup; Shauna Walsh for Armani 

Stylist; Anna Marie Trzebinski

Dress; Falguni & Shane Peacock

Shoes; Golden python boots by Fury.

Handbag; Alexander McQueen handbag compliments of Hofit 

Jewelry; Jane Bowler



London is the town that never sleeps for me…. I land and hit the ground running! 

It’s always so fabulous and I love it!  From galas, charity events, premiers and photo shoots, to dinners, nightlife and the charm of the city. A girl needs to look her best!


Wednesday April 17th was the Iron Man 3 premier and the excitement was buzzing!! My dates for the night were Brian Friedman, his partner Danny and Hofit Golan. 


Earlier in the week, I worked with the sweet stylist Anna Marie for the Face On shoot! She gave me her card and said if I needed a stylist for any upcoming events to contact her. So I did, only it was the night before the premier! The day of, in usual London fashion, it started raining in the morning and Anna was running around town to get some pieces. Hofit had introduced me to the insane Falguni & Shane Peacock dresses years back and the one I wore did not disappoint!! Anna brought kick ass golden python boots by Fury which I died for. Normally I wouldn’t have put the dress with those shoes but I loved the contrast for this event! Topped with an eclectic necklace by Jane Bowler and the look was complete. 


My first stop of the day was the spa of course;)

Possibly the best spa in the world! Seriously. The Corinthia. Where they have Cleopatra marble beds to warm and relax your muscles. Rejuvenation!! Then you can get on with the preparation of hair and makeup of course!




Originally the premiere was scheduled for Wednesday but Iron Man knew to clear the way for the Iron Lady. Since Margaret Thatcher's funeral was the same day, it was pushed to the next day! That, in turn, threw our scheduling off for our glam squad. Luckily, the wonderful Shauna Walsh at Selfridges saved the day and dolled us up with Armani makeup. I loved the Eyes To Kill palette she used in copper brown. Next stop was Daniel Mikhael salon, where Danny and Joe styled our hair. Hofit went for a traditional do and I wanted a super hero Barbarella coif! It was the Iron Man 3 premier after all! Danny & I had worked together back in the day with the Pussycat Dolls and he did an amazing job again! We had fun gabbing until the car came. Of course we were running late!! Aaaaaarrrggghhh….


Audi was the sponsor car for the film, so their stunning luxury hybrid A7 picked us up and drove right into Leicester Square and the huge red carpet! Wouldn’t you know, the car in front of us had my former band mate Kimberly Wyatt and her sweetie Max! 

I hadn’t seen her in 3 years so it was such a good surprise. Mind you it was all caught on the red carpet… (see pics) I remember the wind blowing soooo hard and cold! When we got into the theatre, they handed us popcorn and the cool Stark 3D glasses (which I still have) It felt like a cozy movie night party in someone’s big living room! The movie was fantastic…. We screamed and I definitely started the applause when Gwyneth Paltrow kicked some butt at the end. Girl power!! (My secret desire to be a Bond girl) All in all, it was a great night filled with entertainment and glamour. But it all starts behind the scenes with a fabulous team of creatives!! Thank you to all the brilliant artists out there that make celebs look their best!! We couldn’t do it without you… 

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