The Holiday Season

With the holiday season and the end of the year approaching fast, we often ask ourselves… What have I accomplished to mark this year?  Did I resolve last year’s goals? Do I even remember what my resolutions were? Here is an opportunity. So take a deep breath and reflect upon some important things. Like what really inspires you? What keeps you going? What was the last thing you did that made you feel alive? There are experiences that can motivate you and there are those that can stifle you. How much negativity will you put up with and how much of it is caused by you?! Well there is no time like the present to wake up and start living life to the fullest!!! I know it sounds cliché but our time here is short and you can CHOOSE to enjoy it!  For example, I am a new mother and my daughter was born in September. Since then I haven’t had much time for myself. So the other day I treated myself to a mani/pedi and I felt brand new! I found that I literally have to schedule in free time to relax or pamper myself. Sometimes it may feel selfish given all our responsibilities, but it’s so necessary! Those little moments help us more than we know to recharge our batteries. Take them when you can. It's ultimately about BALANCE; physical and spiritual. Whatever your beliefs, it is crucial to take time for yourself, check in and reconnect. With so much on our plates these days, it’s overwhelming.  Information overload can leave you anxiety ridden!  

So, let’s start thinking of goals now...I’m not sure if I’ve ever kept a New Year's resolution in my life, but that doesn’t keep me from making a new set of empty promises every January! LOL Let’s try and be realistic this time. Don’t set yourself up for failure with crazy resolutions!

Here are 10 simple ideas we can try for a successful 2012…



Make this your year to get organized… Finally! When your space is clear your mind will be at ease to start the year off right!


Don't diet. 

Seriously, it’s too stressful!


Drink up!

Water that is!! Loads of it will keep you healthy, your skin glowing and eyes crystal clear. Save the cocktails for the special occasions;)


Move it!

Take a vacation or plan an adventure.

Getting out of your comfort zone will enhance your experience and senses. Try something totally different to broaden your perspective!


Be creative!  

If you’re on a budget, redecorating your place can be fun! Just rearranging your furniture keeps the energy fresh. 


Do a good deed

Educate yourself on a charitable cause and donate or volunteer. Pay it forward.  


Plan a themed party

You don’t have to have an occasion. Just do it for fun! It will throw you into action and your friends will be inspired by you!

Shop (this one is my favorite)

Buy yourself something you’ve wanted. You deserve it!

Practice being humble

The magic of being nice is that you feel better instantly- stronger, more in control and loving. Ready to take on a whole new year!

Last but not least… Smile!

It’s absolutely the best beauty accessory


Let’s rev our engines for 2012! There is so much to be thankful but let’s be ready for whatever the universe brings our way. The journey is the same, just different paths to get there… 


Kevin WhitakerComment